a loupe (lo͞op) =    loupe
: a small magnifier for inspecting detail


Loupe is a fine art digital imaging and print company working with artists, institutions, and private collections. We offer personalized services to help our clients realize their goals, tailoring our workflow to any project stage.

Our mission is to bring a trained eye to each step of our clients’ production process. Through personal consultation, custom image editing, specialty papers, and the latest professional imaging technologies, we are here to serve as a personable resource for all digitizing and print related needs. Loupe thrives on collaboration, encouraging experimentation and pushing the limits of the machines and digital tools. As a Certified Canson Print Lab, Loupe maintains above industry standards in regard to all equipment, materials, and process.

Loupe was founded by Chris Cunningham in 2017 after seven years of working in print and art production. Chris’ passion for his work shows in his close relationships with his clients, meticulous studio, and dedication to technical excellence. He is a member of IS&T, ISCC and other imaging groups and frequently attends seminars for the advancement of imaging and print technologies.

In 2021 Hayle Silva joined Loupe as Production Specialist. Hayle received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from University of Illinois in Chicago and maintains her personal photography practice. She is an avid researcher, skilled technician and an invaluable member of our team, working tirelessly to bring each client’s vision to life.


Loupe is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive work environment for all of our employees and clients.


Loupe, LLC
1757 N Kimball Ave,
Suite 103B
Chicago, Illinois 60647
(in the Kimball Arts Center)
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10am—6pm, Central Time

Office phone | 773-609-5344
Office email | mail@loupeprint.com

Production | hayle@loupeprint.com
Sales | lucas@loupeprint.com
Director/Owner | chris@loupeprint.com

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We suggest:
• 16 bit
• Image/Artboard/document dimensions equal to print dimensions
• If resizing in Photoshop, un-check Resample and check native dimensions at 300ppi. Resize to final print dimensions and let ppi fluctuate as needed.
• Color Space: RGB (ProStarRGB/ProPhotoRGB/eciRGB_v2/AdobeRGB1998/Display P3)
• Saved as .TIF/.PDF/.PSD/.PSB/RAW

Please send an email to us at the time of your transfer describing your service request.


We do not publish pricing for a variety of reasons. Due to the custom nature of our work, the unique circumstances each project brings, and the current fluctuating global market for materials, we prefer to provide custom quotes for all orders. We work to bring you the best products at the best price.

• We offer quantity discounts when ordering multiples of a similar size
• Current students at any Chicago high school or college receive a 20% discount


We can offer our experienced opinion on cameras, photo equipment, inkjet papers, software, monitors, storage drives, desktop printers, lighting, and studio tools. Loupe is not sponsored by any company to use or promote products. We support best practices and information sharing within the creative community, please reach out with any questions.


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